Pat plays on . . .

Along with teaching guitar, Pat still plays live with various groups throughout the year, such as Blues Gone South, E-Ticket, and The Clones.

"I have had the privilege of performing at various venues including Disneyland, Las Vegas, private parties, clubs and hotels in the Southern California area."

In fact, Pat will be appearing soon with Dr. Drew and the Crew Band at a few  OC locations, ending the month with a New Year's Show at Patsy's Irish Pub in Laguna Niguel.  Vist Pat's  shows page for more details.

Recent performance at Kenwood's
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Good Guitar


Pat Hurley playing black electric guitar

The key to becoming a good guitar player Pat says, is repetition. That's why he asks all his students to practice at least half an hour each day, and more if their schedule allows.

"You might look cool holding a guitar and showing off a few chords but real advancement will happen with hours and hours of playing." 

Classic Cover Songs

*Pat Hurley on guitar

Music Discography

Pat has a recording history as well! He has been a session player and recorded in studio with artists such Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stones, and Francine Davis.

STUDIO WORK - click to view PDF