Pat Hurley teaches both acoustic and electric guitar and considers these popular instruments very user friendly for people of all ages.


1/2 Hour Private Lesson

Private Lessons for 30 minutes


Hour Private Lesson

Private Lessons for one hour


Small Group Lessons

Two students - 4 lessons/ month



As a beginner, you will learn basic chords, rhythms, strumming, and other helpful skills that will lead you towards your first song. You will also be learning some music by ear, training yourself to recognize the sound of notes. Students can also learn sight reading, the written notes on sheet music,  if they are interested. These are options but not a requirement to play guitar.


At this stage, you will expand your knowledge of chords, song patterns, ear training, and the ability to hear recorded music, recognize notes and start to play them. Sight reading will be advancing, if the student is interested. The major, minor, and dominant scales will be taught and you will also start memorizing basic scales for playing solos.


By now, you should be able to hear a song and identify basic chords, song patterns, and basic riffs for playing solos. Writing and arranging your own songs are possible. Arranging techniques will be taught at this level. For soloing, you will use and demonstrate riffs pulled from the Major, Minor, and Dominant families. Altered chords such as C7#9, Ami7b5, and others are also part of the lessons. As an advanced student you should consider joining a band with players at your level. Performances will help improve skills and build more confidence.


As someone serious about entering the music industry either full or part time, Pat will teach the art of networking, locating booking agents, marketing, and self-promotion through a range of special contacts and recommendations. Most people at this level locate other musicians and form bands which perform for fun or on a part-time professional level. They enjoy performing at clubs, house parties, church functions, and all kinds of venues. In addition, he can help them learn how to assemble a promotional marketing pack, such as their band's CD, song list, photos, biographies,  a website and social media.

* Prices for lessons subject to change